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Wash fish with salt water, more washing, more bacteria.

Food in the washing process, better use water only and not salt water.

Especially in fish, Vibrio enteritis bacteria attached to the surface, this bacteria active in salt water, wash with salt water, will only make the bacteria more active. Processing offal, fish body and fish maw rinse with tap water, bacteria can be washed away.

For the children to eat chicken, make sure chicken is fully cooked, the children eating undercooked chicken, hazardous to health.

Instant baby food, once open eat it immediately.

Nutrient-rich milk and baby food, only one hour after opening cans has become a breeding ground for bacteria, so when the food was cooked, and canned food was opened, the child should be consume as soon as possible, do not store for too long in the air. Pay attention to the time period, or the children fell ill after eating.

If children eat slowly, and when the mother found the food cold, instantly reheat, and then fed the children to eat. Baby food to use indirect heating method, which uses hot water heated seat.

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Children eat raw fish easily get infected.

Raw fish, meat, vegetables & etc, even how clean and thoroughly rinse may not be eat for children. Cause of food poisoning is because of food is not cooked thoroughly.

Mentioned here is when the food cooked for sometime, reheat before eating. If a soup placed in kitchen for three days, and there has been deterioration of meat, how even after heating, it is difficult to kill Bacteria off.

Microwave radiation, they can not completely kill the bacteria, the food must be heated in boiling water or completing the heating process.

Should not let children eat raw tomatoes.

Eating raw vegetables at the same time, will also eat a lot of harmful bacteria.

Children eat raw fish may easily been infected.

Cook food thoroughly is essential to prevent food poisoning.