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Cutlery should be cleaned and dried After Use

Damp is the breeding ground for bacteria, avoid kitchenware placed in damp areas.
The best kitchenware container is with ventilation hood, keep dry easily. The best place is to place the container in direct sunlight.

Brush with an old toothbrush on knife shank and medial position. Scrub the kitchen tiles regularly with detergent to remove oil.

Fruit knife
After used a fruit knife to cut fruit, wash with running water, use paper towels and wipe the knife, put back the knife on the rack.

Carving knife
After cut meat with a carving knife, rinse with tap water, used an old toothbrush to brush the stain. Rinse with hot water, use paper towels and wipe the knife, put back the knife on the rack.

If dishes tray contained water may be the breeding ground for bacteria. Use the plastic fence with a cover, to avoid stagnant water and set on a sunlight place.

Note: Just use normal detergent to wash kitchenware, clean up kitchenware and utensils, remember to use a brush or old toothbrush to scrub the knife handle.

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刀具 用后要清洗抹干