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Skin Clean and Dry Prevent Skin Disease

In this hot and humid days, baby most susceptible to various skin diseases, today introduced three of the most common, as long as the right remedy, your baby will soon get rid of suffering skin disease.

Pemphigus quickly spread on the body, once suspected of Pemphigus, immediately took him to see a doctor, and then apply ointment according to the doctor.

In minor situation, apply ointment will do, if serious, you may need to take an antibiotic drugs.
In the course of treatment, take bath every day with a medicated soap, and use the shower for a thorough skin cleansing.
Used separate towel, generally 10 days to two weeks will be cured.

Heat Rash
Baby grow heat rash is mainly due to heat, so keep the room cool, open air-conditioner can be described as necessary, control temperature until baby not sweat.

Take shower after sweat, to rinse the sweat, and also replace a clean baby underwear and clothes.
If baby grow heat rash, it is necessary to apply appropriate medication, and also cut baby nails, do not let him scratch the skin, otherwise no end of trouble.
Heat Rash usually two or three days can be cured, if there is inflammation with pus, it should immediately bring the baby to see a dermatologist.

Diaper Rash
The main cause of diaper rash, is sweat and urine pickled at ass, the most effective way to prevent diaper rash is to keep clean and the skin dry. Mother should always give the baby a pee-point check, otherwise the baby’s ass will suffer.
If baby had diaper rash, then use baby soap to gently clean the affected area, and then apply with a special ointment, if no improvement, will need to see a doctor.

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皮肤干爽清洁 防皮肤病