Emergency While Baby Spits Up

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Because the esophagus and trachea in the throat is connected, when suddenly spits most fear is the inversive milk from the esophagus to the throat when inhale moment, strayed into the trachea, so-called choking.

If in large amount, it will result in tracheal blockage, can not breathing,  hypoxia may cause immediately life-threatening.

Less amount, may be directly inhaled into the deep lungs and causing aspiration pneumonia.

Slight spits up, usually the baby will adjust their breathing and swallowing, so there is no risk of inhalation of the trachea, parents mush close observation thier baby breathing and skin colour.

If baby in the situation vomiting a lot, please according to the following approach:

1. Lateral a side
If vomiting occurs when lying down: rapidly lateral the baby face a side, so as not to vomit due to gravity and back into the throat and trachea.

2. Finger with a handkerchief or towel inserted into the mouth
Fast and roughly cleared the throat to keep the airway smooth, so that doesn’t hinder breathing. At this point, clear the mouth are most important than the nose! So usually bring around a small handkerchief or towel at any time to prepare for contingencies (nose can use a small cotton swab to clean).

3. Beat Back
If you find that your baby is not breathing or his face becomes dark, that vomit may have entered the trachea, immediately face down on adult lap or bed (hard bed), beat four to five times at the back, to make them to cough up .

4. Kneading feet
If these steps are done, but the baby is still no response, immediately forced to stimulate the soles of the feet (or folder or pinch), aims to make the baby feel pain and to breathing, the most important thing at this time is to let the baby inhale, oxygen can into the lungs, in order to avoid hypoxia. In the suffocation, the most important thing is time to send air (oxygen) into the lungs, rather than wasting time thinking about how to remove the things, this concept is very important.

In the above process, the baby should also be transferred to the hospital or clinic, and let the professional pediatrician do further processing or inspection then only can be rest assured.

If after choking the baby breathing very smooth, it is best to find a ways to force him to cry (cry make a lot of breathing), observe the baby crying and the breathing movements, to see whether any abnormalities (such as voice modulation weak, breathing difficulties, severe concave chest … and so on), if yes send to the hospital immediately. If your baby is crying loud and clear, full of air, face rosy, that means alright, can be observed for a while. Sometimes, the chest X-ray examination is necessary.