Food Poisoning #3

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Mother’s mouth is a hotbed of bacteria

The baby’s stomach is not mature yet, body resistance is weak, even eat a small amount of bacteria, may cause different symptoms.

Mother must give baby eat fresh food, should focus on conservation and the process for the food.

Some mothers chew the food before feeding their baby, this is actually a very dangerous action, because the bacteria in adult mouth may cause food poisoning to the baby, Caution!
Babies eat canned food regularly, will reduce the ability to resist bacterial invasion.

Drink fresh orange juice, delicious and can absorb the benefits of vitamins, against bacterial invasion.

Mother tear food by mouth, and then feed the baby, this is very unhygienic and will pass the mouth’s bacteria to the baby.

Mother feeding baby porridge, always blow cold porridge by mouth, this will stick in the dirty items into the porridge, unhealthy.

Children often pick up food from ground and eat, this may eat in the harmful bacteria, easy to get sick.