Food Poisoning #6

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Cut meat, fruits and vegetables with different chopping boards

Why have so many pieces chopping board?
Because want to chop raw meat, cooked meat, fruits and vegetables separately. Chopping boards for different purposes should be easily identifiable, such as different shapes or to tie up with different colors of nylon rope to show the difference, or glass cutting board to cut fruits and vegetables, a wooden cutting board to cut meat.
If only one cutting board after cutting raw meat, wash out dirt and pour with boiling water before we used to cut fruits and vegetables or cooked meat to avoid raw meat pieces stick on the cooked meat or vegetables and lead to food poisoning. Scrub the knife clean and then pour the knife’s surface with boiling water for disinfection. Knife disinfected before using it to cut fruits and vegetables.

Vacuum bottles to prevent pollution

Some frozen foods such as frozen mixed vegetables, frozen scallops, etc., the housewives buy a big bag for home, but may not a one-off run, the remaining material, most people only use a dish and then wrapped it with plastic wrap. In fact, this is not enough, frozen food after thawing, and then stored in the refrigerator, because of difference temperature, and hand contact, may susceptible to contamination and deterioration. Meat is easy to breed bacteria, perishable, when wrapped with plastic wrap bacteria in the hands easily stains in the meat surface, refrigerate the meat, but the meat may have been contaminated. To avoid contamination of these foods thaw, classified and divided it and put in a vacuum bottle, and then into the refrigerator.

Bacteria will take advantage of thawing frozen food at room temperature,  switch to microwave thaw function will be more appropriate than the natural thawing.