Food Poisoning #7

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Dishcloth Strict Disinfection to Anti-Bacterial

Detergent without disinfection, to avoid bacterial contamination chain, better not to wash the kitchenware with a dishcloth, because if inappropriate use, dishcloth may be the place to breeding bacteria too!
Dishcloth and sponges after each use mush be dry off.

After used a dishcloth to wash kitchenware, the dishcloth must first wash with detergent, and then bleached it.
Wrung out dishcloth and hung on to dry up.
Use disinfectant to clean kitchenware.
Use salt to scrub wooden cutting board. Disinfection Cutting board and dishcloth with hot water.

Note: Hot water disinfection use boiling water; chemical disinfection for kitchenware use special bleach, disinfectant or alcohol items, read the instructions before use to ensure safety.