Taboo before a month

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The newborn baby should be stay at home before a month

Before a month
Scope of activities: try to be at home, do not go out.
Note: newborn need more sleep time, their resistance is weak, so not suitable for going out.

A month later
Scope of activities: should be out walking, sunbathing, exposure to outside air.
Note: should be close to home-based, not distance. Baby more contact with the outside world, would become more broad field of vision!

Three to four months
Scope of activities: more than three to four hours at outside, such as business, the Department store and other public places.
Note: Due to a variety of public places easily transmitted diseases, air pollution is serious, the baby can easily tired, avoid go to public places for a long time.

Seven months
Scope of activities: going out time can be longer than three to four months baby, but less than one hour travel time is better.
Note: You can use the baby car seat by car to more distant, but still not too long time, will tired baby, the baby should avoid prolonged exposure to sun.

After one year old
Scope of activities: activities may be taking a trip and stayed in a hotel.
Note: At this time the baby already taking a trip, but do not make too long a journey, choose transport that in short time and less transfer (such as the subway), if traveling long distance transport (eg train, airplane) advised seating; adult clothing with as little as possible, with some more babies.